Since the company establishment in New York in 1853 Steinway & Sons has laid the foundations of today’s modern piano building by more than 120 patents. The purpose was in keeping with the fundamental principle of the company founder Henry E. Steinway: to build the best possible piano” with the best construction forming worldwide the basis of producing grand pianos and upright pianos

  • by selecting and using best quality materials,
  • by 80 % hand-work, on basis of more than 150-year production experience combined with modern and eco-friendly production technology,
  • by high standard marketing and worldwide trade network.

Each Steinway & Sons instrument is an unique artwork with excellent construction, made by skilled craftsmen.


The well-known proverb: "The apple never falls far from the tree." it is true for Boston pianos and pianos, which are made using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology with more than 150 years of Steinway & Sons manufacturing experience and more than 120 Steinway patents. Five piano and three piano models are available to customers. The Boston Investment Certificate guarantees that if you intend to replace your instrument, which you have used properly and preserved in good condition, with Steinway within ten years, we will repurchase your Boston instrument at it's new price.

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Since the company establishment in 1853 Steinway & Sons has acquired more and more scientific knowledge and has laid the foundations of the modern piano building according to the new construction principles. The result was a perfect instrument; thus also the Essex grand pianos and upright pianos combine the newest construction features and production prescriptions elaborated by the research and development team of Steinway & Sons.

Since the middle of 2006 the Essex instruments designed by Steinway & Sons are on the market granting unlimited music delight under excellent price/value ratio. It will be to your astonishment what a great choice of different models, styles and veneers is available. Be happy to have this richness what has never existed at Steinway & Sons in this form yet. The Steinway promise is valid also for the Essex grand pianos and upright pianos.

Since 2001 our company is authorized dealer of the musical instruments produced in the biggest piano factory of the world. In Hungary these instruments will be put on the market under brand name R. Rinkmann or Ritmüller.

The factory is located in Asia producing grand pianos and upright pianos under the most modern technical conditions, making use of wooden materials of best quality, according to the European prescriptions and the strict German quality requirements. We deliver the instruments ex warehouse/Germany to Hungary where their qualification takes place as per the ISO standard.

Regarding shape, sound, production and materials utilized the instruments come up perfectly to the European standards and requirements.

A wide selection of models distributed by us – from simple modern furniture shape up to exclusive finish – is available. We are at the disposal of our customers with a wide size and colour assortment at favourable prices and with best capacity. We dispose of a large stock of instruments enabling our customers to make their selection easier.

To the grand pianos and upright pianos we grant our customers one gratis tuning on the spot and a full guarantee of 5 years.

During the past years no quality claim was arisen concerning the products sold by us and on basis of the reaction of our customers we can say that the instruments are perfectly suitable even for the maximum utilization.

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