Over the past 50 years, the Opera Piano Hall has provided pianos, pianos, accessories and services to all areas of Hungarian music life.

New grand, upright pianos

Pre-owned grand, upright pianos

Silent upright pianos

Piano stools, Piano benches


Piano, upright accessories, spare-parts

Where the sound of piano accompanies the song creating together something elevating, that is where also we build the newest pianos and restore the faded pieces.

The flagship of our company was opened beside the Opera enabling to work in such an inspiration giving environment where the notes determine the daily routine.

Opera Zongoraterem looking back at more than a half century-past can proudly say today that over the professional restoration of the instruments at home it is authorized dealer of the world famous Steinway & Sons factory, Hamburg and the producer of the famous Bohak-based cymbalos.

During the past decades beside maintaining the traditions we went on keeping step also with the technological development and thus our customers can purchase their instruments not only in our stores, but anywhere also online.

We hope you find here a lot of useful and interesting information and it would be to our pleasure to see you soon also in person in our stores.

Our company Opera Zongoraterem operates in the downtown, in the neighbourhood of the Hungarian State Opera in Budapest.

The street Hajos where our company is located, was one of the main centres of piano repair and trade between the two world wars already. Our company opened its first store at the address Hajos street 25 in 1996 where even now grand pianos and upright pianos restored mostly in the workshop at the highest level as well as piano stools and benches, furthermore accessories are distributed.


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