On basis of our experiences we make covers of artificial leather stuffed with felt for grand pianos and upright pianos. Their use is absolutely recommended first of all in institutions and schools. They provide excellent protection against mechanical damages, dust, wet etc. The loops of siliconized cable drawn in all around make possible to lock them up by any padlock.

Studio rolls

Our sphere of activities includes mounting of studio rolls on grand pianos and upright pianos enabling the easy movement of the instruments. We specially recommend them for schools, stages and catering sites.

Roll and leg supports

In our store there can be purchased glass supports made on basis of old traditional mould. Laying them under the rolls of grand pianos or upright pianos the wall-to-wall carpet, parquet, stone pavement can be protected against damages and impressures because of the heavy piano weight. These supports are made of strong plastic material or also untreated beechwood and are available in different finish.


In various styles, finish and colours


Regarding the heating habits and methods of today at the beginning of the heating season the humidity content goes down under the level allowed in all houses, apartments and institutions. It is very important not only for health reasons, but also for instruments, grand pianos and upright pianos made of wood that the air humidity content should be between 45-55 %. This cannot be ensured by placing water pans on the heaters and thus it is recommended to make use of electric humidors. We distribute three main types2 of them: warm, cold and ultrasonic humidors. The humidor should always be of dimension corresponding to the air space, otherwise the efficiency is not satisfactory. In a 50m2- apartment in winter season even 10-litre water may be evaporated in order to ensure an air humidity content of about 50 %. A suitable humidity content increases the lifetime of grand pianos and upright pianos to a considerable extent.
The humidification starts always with measuring the humidity content to which the use of a proper humidity measuring instrument is necessary. These instruments can be acquired in our store.

Candle holders

It is a great fashion again to mount candle holders of attractive finish on old upright pianos.

Lamp for note lighting

Pedal adapters

Accessories in adjustable and fix finish helping small children the pedal use, they can be used to grand pianos, upright pianos and also digital pianos.


Our store distributes locking devices being useful and very popular in schools and institutions. With their help grand pianos and upright pianos of any type can simply be locked up ensuring the external safety of the instrument.

Spare-parts for repair

From the biggest spare-part manufacturers there can be acquired ex stock all spare-parts and accessories, among them also the original Steinway & Sons spare-parts necessary for repair and restoration. Over our products available in the Online-Store all spare-parts for piano repair can be purchased with us. Please do not fail to get in touch with us at our contact address.

Tools for tuning

In our store there are available tuning keys for tuning of grand pianos, upright pianos. cembalos, zythers and other instruments in different finish as well as other tools, accessories, tuning pegs, clips and felts necessary for tuning.