Silent upright piano

Our company undertakes silent systems to be built in new or used upright piano almost of any kind, apart from condition and brand as well as if requested also in such upright piano, which is a lovely piece of the family, but it cannot be used as an instrument any more.

The silent system offers the possibility of the silent function mode. This means that the acoustic upright piano can be used in normal function mode and then after turning over an arm it becomes mute and switches over to digital mode. When building in the silent system we put digital sensors under the kye bar of the acoustic upright piano with the help of which the instrument can be sounded with the sound module and the pedals being in connection with same. The function principle is that at key movement the hammers do not strike the strings, but the digital sensors built under the key bar make the instrument sound in digital function mode already.
During the installation of the silent system, we build a series of digital sensors under the keys of the acoustic piano, with the help of which the instrument can be played together with the sound module and the pedals connected to it. The principle of operation is that the hammer heads do not hit the string when the key is pressed, instead the digital sensor line built under the keypad sounds the instrument, now in digital mode.

Some arguments for the silent system – non-exhaustive:

  • it’s most practical and most important feature is that it can be utilized also with headphone and thus the pianist can practise at any time of the day without disturbing his environment, innumerous tone colours: grand piano, organ, quitar, wind and string instruments, etc. and
  • their tones of all kinds to achieve varied music experience,
  • we can also record our play and can replay it at any time,
  • metronome function to make the practising easier,
  • unlimited possibilities by MIDI connection,
  • adjustable key touch strength,
  • it can be built almost in any new or old upright piano

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