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Our company Opera Zongoraterem operates in the downtown, in the neighbourhood of the Hungarian State Opera in Budapest.

Használt zongora használt pianínó zongoraterem The street Hajos where our company is located, was one of the main centres of piano repair and trade between the two world wars already.

Our company opened its first store at the address Hajos street 25 in 1996 where even now grand pianos and upright pianos restored mostly in the workshop at the highest level as well as piano stools and benches, furthermore accessories are distributed.

DSC01427 The workshop for piano repair – operated by our company as well – has been in existence since the 1950s and also the majority of colleagues working in this branch acquired their professonial skills here.

In these days the workshop carries out the restoration and repair of grand pianos and upright pianos, furthermore it produces strings for grand pianos, upright pianos and cymbalos. This workshop also takes care of the professional maintenance, repair and tuning of grand pianos and upright pianos for our customers.

The workshop produces the well recognized world famous Bohak-based cymbalos and carries out also the professional restoration of used cymbalos. A cymbalo maker craftsman does the works even today who was the student of old craftsmen.

Új zongora új pianínó zongoraterem In view of the changing market demands in 2001 our company opened a new store at the address Zichy Jeno street 20 where new grand pianos and upright pianos, digital pianos, humidors, repair materials and spare-parts for grand pianos and upright pianos are distributed.
Steinway, Boston, Essex zongoraterem In autumn 2004 our company as first one in Middle-East Europe was honoured by the Steinway & Sons Piano Factory, Hamburg by granting exclusive right for distribution of Steinway&Sons, Boston and Essex grand pianos and upright pianos in Hungary. These instruments are available in our store at the address Hajos str. 22. This store serves also as venue of events accomodating about 50 persons, it is suitable for smaller home concerts, musical conversations, receptions, company presentations, artist-public meetings and graduation concerts.

In the hall there are a grand piano Steinway & Sons B-211 in new condition, a professional KEF audio and an EPSON projector system at disposal. All around the walls there is a picture hook system suitable for presentation of individual pictures, paintings, graphics or other works of art in any size and allowing also the organization of temporary exhibitions.

On the lower level of the store an individually designed wardrobe, men and women restrooms and a fully equipped kitchen for the preparation of receptions serve the guests.

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Please do not fail to visit our stores where we are pleased to be at your service offering the best products in every category from a large stock according to personal demand with the help of piano maker craftsmen!